Sterling Farms Women’s Golf Tournament Schedule 2016

April 12th    Opening Breakfast Meeting – sign up for tee times

                      for opening event.

April 19    Stroke Play

April 26    Nassau  front/back/overall  Start “Player of

                       Year” points.

  May 3    Stroke Play 

            Governor’s Cup Qualifier   Net / Stroke Play full handicap

              8 lowest net scores qualify for Match Play

              1st match to be played by May 17th

              2nd match to be played by May 24th

              Final match to be played by May 31st

              Rain Date June 7th

May 10   Even Holes

May 17   Stroke Play

May 24   Criers    throw out three worst holes

May 31   Stroke Play 

                       Sign up for Club Championship & Anne Morgan Sr

                               Championship (must be 62 +) 6/14 & 6/21

May 31   Cont.    tee times assigned.  Rain Date 6/28

June 7     2 Best Balls of 4

June 14    Stroke Play 

                               June 14th  Club Championship and Anne

                                         Morgan Sr Championship  Round 1

June 21  Stroke Play

                               June 21st Club Championship and Anne

                                           Morgan Sr Championship  Round 2                              

June 28    Stroke Play

                               June 28th Club Championship and Anne

                                            Morgan Sr Championship Rain Date

July 5    Odd/Even  (partner event)

July 12    Stroke Play

                           Sign up for Member/Member   7/26 & 8/2

                           Rain Date 8/9  tee times assigned.

July  19    3-2-1  on 3-4-5

                               3 scores on par 3,  2 scores on par 4,  1 score

                                on par 5

July  26   Stroke Play

                              July 26th  Member/Member Round 1

Aug 2    Stroke Play

                               Aug 2nd  Member/Member Round 2


Aug 9   Stroke Play 

                               Aug 9th  Member/Member  Rain Date

Aug 16    Odd Holes

Aug 23     Best Ball of Two  (partner event)

                               Sign up for Queen of Clubs   9/6  at Sterling 

                                                       9/8  at Hubbard

Aug 30    Blind Nine

Sept 6    Stroke Play

                                 Queen of Clubs  Round 1 at Sterling

Sept 8th     Queen of Clubs  Round 2  at Hubbard

Sept 13    Stroke Play

                               Last day to post for “Player of the Year”

Sept  20    Pink Ball

Sept  27    Low Putts

                              Player of the Year Tournament –  Players with

                                  4 highest points have playoff


Oct 4    Stroke Play

Oct 11    Stroke play  &  Now or Never for those who have

                                                  NOT won all season

Oct  18    Stroke Play

Oct 25th    Closing Meeting and Banquet