Major Tournaments – Food for Thought

We just had a couple of Major Tournaments.  The 18 hollers had their Member/Member and the 9 holers had their Club Championship Tournament,  Both of these events were followed by a luncheon.  Food!  What a great way to get to know your teammates better.  Food – great way to become more comfortable with each other – exchange ideas, phone numbers, make play dates, etc.  Food – great source of comfort.  Have you noticed how much of our social life is based around food?  Well, if you weren’t at the luncheon – then you missed out on all those wonderful benefits!  These luncheons are to cheer on our winners and show them our support.  Hard to do if your not there!  Now, these comments may be slightly misdirected toward the 9 hollers – it may be a little easier for them – since there isn’t such a large time gap between the end of play and the luncheon.   However, there does seem to be more of a problem with the 18 hollers.  Hard for the women to “hang around” for an additional half hour to  an hour to cheer on their team mates and take advantage of free food!  Actually, I said free but that isn’t true.  Our membership fees paid for  the food, BUT, it does not cover moral support and friendship.  Those are not covered in dollars and cents, they are paid for with time and effort.  Each and everyone of us can and does appreciate a pat on the back,  It is always nice to have your fellow players and friends there to let you know how well you have done.  It would be nice for more of us to take the time and “hang around” and be there for each other!