Member/Member Championship

The  18 Holers Member/Member Championship was played on August 18, 2015 and August 25, 2015:

Low Gross – 146 – Holly Frank and Tina Siebert

Low Net – 125 (m/c) – Maryann DeRosa and Lisa Moser

The 9 Holers Club Championship was played on August 25m 2015:

Winner – Low Gross – Diane Boord (122)

Runner-up – 2nd Low Gross – Coralee Zarrilli (124)

Honorable Mention – Low Net – Ruth Weinstein (72)

Anne Morgan Senior Tournament

The Anne Morgan Senior Tournament was played on June 16th and June 23rd – 18 Holers. 

Winner:            Paula Tanny
Runner Up:      Carol Charling
Low Net:           Nancy Carbone

Governor’s Cup

The Governor’s Cup – Match Play,  This is a three (3) week tournament:

   WINNER:                    Alice Honcharik

 RUNNER-UP:              Jackie Johnson

 MEDALIST:                  Henrietta Adams