Welcome to New Members

The 2016 golf season is beginning and we have some new golfers!  New to the 18 hollers are:  Karen Smyth and Louise Spolowitz.  Moving up from the 9 hollers is Diane Boord, Anne Strahm, Pam Radin and Renee Allain-Stockton.  New to the 9 hollers is Mitra Vasisht and Missy Clamage.  Keep an eye out for these ladies and make them feel welcome.  Remember how hard it was  on your first time out!  Have a great season!

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SOS! Stamp out slow play!


SOS– Stamp Out Slow play at Sterling!
This year the SFWGC Board of Governors is urging, encouraging , begging all members to join
the effort to speed up our play on Ladies Day. We are adding our efforts to that of Paul Grillo, his
staff and the SGA to focus everyone’s attention on this pervasive problem at Sterling Farms GC.
We are privileged to have a block of time made available to us on Tuesday mornings, and do not
want to jeopardize this privilege.

Our goal is to have the first half of the Ladies’ Day field finish play in 4-4 ½ hours, and
to have the second half of the field finish within a 5 hour time limit-hopefully less. Paul Grillo has
developed a comprehensive list of “Tips to Help Speed Up Play”, which will be distributed to all
golfers. In addition, we are requiring that whenever possible, continuous putting be employed.

The charter of the SGA and Sterling Farms Golf Course already includes the following rules and regulations relating to slow play and rangers:

·  Players must keep pace with the group in front of them, even if nobody is behind them.

·  The rangers have the authority to tell a slow group to allow the following group to play

·  The rangers have the authority to require a group to pick up their balls and move ahead into
position in the field, if other options have failed.

·  The rangers this year will also have the authority to remove players from the course after
two attempts to speed up their play have failed.

·  Players must accept warnings pertaining to Rules/slow play violations by all Sterling Farms
employees (especially rangers) WITHOUT CHALLENGE. No verbal abuse will be
tolerated. Players who are abusive or refuse to obey a ranger will be suspended for a
period of time to be determined by the Executive Director.

·  Rules violators will be given a warning notice for the first offense. Subsequent
violations will result in suspensions ranging from 15 days to the entire season. The
Executive Director, Superintendent and SGA members may give immediate
suspensions to violators without notice.

The policy of the Board of the SFWGC is to fully support the staff of Sterling Farms, and to
enforce the Rules and Regulations as outlined above. If we all do our part, we can make our Ladies
Day a truly enjoyable experience for all.

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